What are the symptoms of norovirus and how can I stop it spreading?

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Following a number of suspected norovirus cases in Blackpool, here are the symptoms people should watch out for - and steps you can take to stop you and your children getting it

The winter vomiting bug is a stomach bug that causes vomiting and diarrhoea.

It can be unpleasant but usually goes away in around 48 hours.

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The main symptoms:

- Feeling sick

- Being sick

- Having the runs

Other symptoms:

- Fever

- Headache

- Aching arms and legs

*Symptoms usually start within a day or two of infection

How to treat norovirus yourself:

- Read how to treat diarrhoea and vomiting in both children and adults

- Stay off school or work until the symptoms have stopped for two days. Do not visit anyone in hospital during that time

How the bug is spread:

- Close contact with somebody with norovirus

- Touching infected surfaces and then your mouth

- Eating food prepared by someone with the virus

How to help stop the norovirus spreading:

- Wash your hands frequently with soap - but be aware that alcohol hand gels are not effective