Insta-grandad! Poulton OAP's diet dinners make him an Instagram hit

A cheery OAP has become an unlikely internet sensation after posting photos of the healthy meals he is eating on Instagram as he tries to lose weight.

By The Newsroom
Monday, 12th November 2018, 8:28 am
Updated Monday, 12th November 2018, 5:32 pm
David Cookson, 85, has become an Instagram sensation
David Cookson, 85, has become an Instagram sensation

David Cookson, 85, from Poulton, started posting pictures of his meals online to try to inspire himself and others to slim down.

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David said: “I can’t believe how many people are interested in knowing what I’m having for my dinner.

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David before he started losing weight

“It’s just all go. The number of people following me just keeps going up.

“But it makes me happy and if I can inspire just one person to lose weight as well, that would be brilliant.

“Posting pictures on the internet makes me a bit more serious about the whole thing and is really spurring me on.”

David, who used to own his grocers and off-licence store, weighed 15-and-a-half stone when he set up the account in September. He never struggled with his weight – until he suffered a heart attack and underwent a double hip replacement in his 70s.

David has made a name for himself on social media by posting photos of his meals

But in just six weeks, he’s already lost 13lb and is feeling confident about getting down to his dream weight of 12-and-a-half stone.

“I used to be very sporty, doing all sorts like five-a-side football,” he said.

“I didn’t need to think about my weight until I suddenly became very inactive and then I started to pile it on.

“I knew I needed to do something about it because I was just getting heavier and getting short of breath when I walked.”

David has racked up more than 50,000 followers on Instagram

David joined his local Slimming World group three years ago and managed to lose two stone in a matter of months.

But after losing focus, he piled the pounds back on and after knew he needed to take his weight seriously again.

David’s daughter Bethany suggested he set up an Instagram account and in his first post, in which he’s sitting in an armchair and holding up a book for the camera, he wrote: “I havebeen a member of Slimming World for a good few years but after initially losing two stone, I have since crept back up to my start weight.

“My daughters suggested that I start this account after one of them posted a picture of me on her own Slimming World account which received a lot of likes and positive feedback.

David Cookson, 85, with his wife Barbara

“I think starting this account will give me the encouragement I need to reach my target. Thanks for stopping by!”

David also posts weekly updates about how much weight he’s lost and has been described by his followers as an ‘inspiration’.

He said: “I never realised it would have such an impact. I really enjoy sitting down with my meals and taking a picture and showing everyone what I’m up to.

“My daughter bought me an iPad and it’s become a real interest for me. I like to stay busy as it keeps me young and it’s just something new to try.

David admits that his wife Barbara, 65, cooks most of his meals - but his success has convinced her and their three daughters to also join Slimming World.

The Slimming World plan works by allowing its users to eat from a whole list of foods which are classed as ‘free’.

They also have allowances for ‘healthy extras’ every day and encourage ‘speed food’ - fruits and vegetables - to get the right amount of nutrients in members’ diets.

Treats are still allowed in moderation and slimmers are given an allowance to stick to each day, called syns.

David, who has 15 grandchildren and four great-grandchildren, said: “I love going to the groups because it really spurs me on. It’s so friendly and you pick up so many ideas.

“I don’t drink or smoke but I do love my chocolate, which is fine, because I can use my syns for those.

“I eat a lot of fruit and vegetables too which really helps with the weight loss and I can still eat proper meals.

“I’m determined to lose two stone by Christmas and then I’d like to drop another stone after that.”

David was recently crowned Mr Slinky at his Slimming World group in Blackpool after inspiring other members with his weight loss journey.