All you need to know about the latest changes to the lockdown in Lancashire

How do the latest changes to the lockdowns in Preston, Blackburn and Pendle affect you? Read on to find out.

By Paul Berentzen
Saturday, 5th September 2020, 10:55 am
Updated Saturday, 5th September 2020, 10:58 am

With weekly changes to the rules - which see parts of Lancashire still in lockdown while others have had restrictions eased further - it can be difficult to keep track.

So here's your handy guide to the latest changes, announced on Friday, September 4, and what they mean for you.

Can I see my family and friends?

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You still can't go and visit your grandparents in Preston - but you can go to a soft play centre.

Parts of Lancashire are still under restrictions that stop people meeting up with other households.

If you live in Preston or affected parts of Blackburn or Pendle, the rules state you cannot meet anyone from another household indoors.

Residents in those areas of Blackburn and Pendle are also advised not to mix with other households anywhere, including outdoors.

Government guidelines for those in other areas say people should only socialise indoors with members of up to two households, including their own. They should only socialise outdoors with up to six people from different households - or more if everyone is exclusively from one or two households.

The Government says it is "critical" people follow the guidelines to keep themselves and others safe.

Soft play centres, casinos and bowling alleys

Casinos, skating rinks, bowling alleys, exhibition halls, conference centres, and indoor play areas (including soft play areas) were given the go ahead to reopen in most places on August 15.

However, the lockdown meant that was not the case in parts of Lancashire. That will change from midnight on Tuesday, September 8, as the whole county is brought in line with other areas.

But if you're heading across the border into Greater Manchester, be aware that Bolton is still subject to these restrictions following a recent spike in coronavirus cases.

Pools, gyms and sports centres

From Tuesday, September 8, every indoor swimming pool, including water parks, indoor fitness and dance studio, indoor gym and sports court and facility in the country will be able to lawfully reopen.

This was already the case in most of Lancashire - but now brings part of Blackburn in line with the changes introduced on July 25.

How is the Government helping?

In the latest announcement, Rossendale was added the list of "areas of enhanced support".

This means more support will be made available to help with testing and contact tracing to keep new infections down.

It means Preston, Blackburn and Pendle are all areas of intervention - where extra restrictions are in place to reduce the rate of infection.

Hyndburn, Burnley and Rossendale are all on the list of places getting enhanced support from the Government.