Unity Academy Year 10 science students explore the world of construction and engineering

Unity Academy Year 10 science students embarked on an enlightening journey into the realm of careers in the construction and Engineering industries during a captivating careers experience day hosted by Vinci Construction at Blackpool Victoria Hospital.
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From learning about the drawbacks of conventional building materials to witnessing the adoption of sustainable alternatives, the students gained invaluable insights into the future of environmentally conscious construction practices

The focal point of the day was the exploration of different materials and the urgent need to transition away from non-renewable resources. RAAC (Reinforced Autoclaved Aerated Concrete), once hailed as a revolutionary building material, was scrutinized for its dangerously short lifespan. Under the guidance of Vinci professionals, the students learned about the cost and risks associated with RAAC and the imperative to replace it with sustainable and longer lifespan materials.

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A pivotal moment of the day was the unveiling of Vinci's latest project—a ground-breaking initiative to remove RAAC having invented their own equipment to safely remove from a hospital building that was still in use.

Year 10 on their construction visitYear 10 on their construction visit
Year 10 on their construction visit

In a memorable finale, Andrew and his Vinci team took everyone up to the roof, offering them a panoramic view of the construction site. From observing the dismantling of RAAC structures to witnessing the installation of more safe sustainable materials, the students gained a profound understanding of the transformative impact of sustainable construction practices, and the industries and work-force that make these improvements happen.

Nathanael Howell Assistant Designated Safeguarding Lead & Careers Lead, Unity Academy said, “Health and safety remained a top priority throughout the day, with Vinci emphasising the importance of a "Think again Health & Safety" campaign. The students gained valuable insights into the stringent safety measures implemented to protect workers and the environment during construction projects. Our Year 10 students throughout were left with minds buzzing with newfound knowledge and a deep appreciation for the importance of being Ready for learning and making Safe decisions and how this relates to the work-force in the construction and Engineering industry. Inspired by the experience, they are now equipped with valuable insights into potential career pathways not just within Vinci but the wider construction and Engineering industries and are motivated to explore opportunities in this dynamic field”.

Andrew Wade - Senior Project Manager, Vinci Construction - The Unity Academy Students behaved impeccably and their in-depth questions also showed they had paid attention throughout the experience.

John Topping, Community Relations and Estates Lead for the Fylde Coast Academy Trust said “FCAT is delighted that Year 10 Unity students are gaining such valuable experience in understanding building processes and materials. I am sure that many of our youngsters will go on to follow successful careers in construction and Engineering”.

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