Talented students bring a whole new world on stage

Wednesday, 19th April 2017, 4:26 pm
Updated Tuesday, 9th May 2017, 8:18 pm
Kirkham Grammar School's production of Aladdin

Kirkham Grammar Junior School performed their production of Disney’s Aladdin Junior over a period of two days.

It has been a huge commitment for everyone, having worked really hard during many weekends and break times so they could attend rehearsals.

Our director and dance choreographer are both very grateful for this.

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This year, the Infant children were part of the production.

Each of the Infant year groups sang a song to begin our show.

The I1 children sang ‘Zip a Dee Doo Dah’, the I2 children, ‘Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo’ and the I3 children, ‘A Whole New World’.

Our J1 and J2 chorus joined us at the side of the stage wearing their wonderful Aladdin t-shirts.

Their singing voices added that little bit of pizazz to some of the songs.

Our J3 and J4 chorus shared the stage with our main principal actors and performed as our Agrabah townspeople.

They (as they say) ‘sparkled like diamonds’.

The principal actors in the production brought the story to life and made the experience so real that it felt incredibly realistic.

We would all like to say a huge thank you to the amazing people that created all of our special effects and created our wonderful set.

This made the show magical!

We would also like to thank all of the parents and teachers for their hard work behind the scenes.

Another thank you goes to Shelley Stott.

Her passion for dancing and her brilliant moves really took our show up to the next level.

Our final and biggest thank you goes to our director, Mrs Shuttleworth.

She has made all of this possible.

Without her, none of this would have been possible.