A-LEVEL RESULTS: Hard work pays off for sixth-formers

It is the culmination of two years of hard work, long hours studying and anxious hours revising '“ and now A-level students have every reason to celebrate.

Thursday, 16th August 2018, 3:57 pm
Updated Thursday, 16th August 2018, 6:05 pm
A Level results day at Blackpool Sixth Form. Pictured is Supriya Biju.

Students were celebrating at Rossall School as they picked up the grades they needed for the next stage in their education. Deputy School Captain, Olivia Gregory, plans to read cognitive neuroscience and psychology at the University of Manchester after gaining two A*s and an A.Headteacher Jeremy Quartermain said: “We are proud of all our students’ academic achievements. I would like to pay tribute to their hard work and the support of our fabulous teachers.”A positive attitude and willingness to take risks led AKS Lytham students to success on A-level results day. Headmaster Mike Walton added: “We are delighted our students have once again achieved so much. “This has been a very special cohort of students, whose positive attitude, willingness to take risks and sense of social responsibility has inspired us all.”

At Blackpool Sixth Form College, students achieved an overall pass rate of 99 per cent while St Mary's Catholic College is also celebrating a 99 per cent pass rate.

Blackpool Sixth principal Jill Gray said the results have made it another great year for the Blackpool Old Road college and she couldn’t be any prouder for her students.

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A Level results day at Blackpool Sixth Form. Pictured is Supriya Biju.

She added: “We are thrilled with this fabulous set of results which reflects the dedication and hard work of our students and staff."

And head teacher at St Mary's, Simon Eccles, said: “I am so pleased with our students and their achievements which are a result of hours of hard work and dedication by them.”

Dan Berry, headmaster at Kirkham Grammar on Ribby Road, Kirkham, said: “The class of 2018 has seen an improvement in both A*/A and A*-C for the third year in succession. “This is most pleasing as we only complete A-level courses at KGS and can only include results at this most rigorous and challenging level.And bright teenagers from Baines Sixth Form in Poulton are preparing for university and the world of work, with more than 35 per cent of students achieving the top grades of A*-B.

Blackpool South MP Gordon Marsden, who is Shadow Minister for Higher and Further Education and Skills, said he was pleased to see “great pass rates across the Fylde coast”.

A Level results day at Blackpool Sixth Form

To find out how the Fylde coast schools and sixth form colleges fared, see the A-level listings below.

And look out for a full round up of student success stories in Friday's Gazette.

BLACKPOOL SIXTHFour Passes: L C Allison, A Audley, O Bach, L S Beswick, D J Bezaras, S A Biju, J C Bonsell, H Boothby, N O C Broadbent, R Burgess, J Clarkson, C J Clough, K Clough, L J Cooper, C L Danson, L Deery, I A Eaves, S A Eaves, C Ellam, L A Eyres, H D Field, C Foreman, S J Frith, R L B Halliwell, E L Hayton, M R Head, S G Hill, E O Holden, C J Hopkinson, L M Howard, A R R Howarth, H R Hughes, R Jones, P Kambouri, S J Kenny, S Kirby, T A Kirkman, B Lopez Arbelo, V Lord, J M R Lydon, A F S Marmo, C Mason, L J Mather, E Maycock, M Mills, K J P Mitchell, D H Molloy, L E Molloy, K L Monaghan, C L Moorhead, D M L Morgan, J L Ogden, K W Piper, A R Potts, C N Pound, D G Ricchiuti, S C Robinson, N Rourke, B Rowlands, A Sagar, E G Smith, K G Szepecko, J G Taylor, C N Threlfall-Newton, M E Tingey, L K Topham, A L Tumalty, M Vincent, J Vitoriano, C A Wardle, J S S Webster, E O Whitfield, C P Wildon, J M Williams, J S Williams, J Wright.Three Passes: L W Abbass, C M Abram, P Abram, A M C Ackrell, J Adamson, D L J Adshead, N L Adshead, D J M Ainsworth, G Ainsworth, C Akram, F M F Allan, S R Allan, P S Allbutt, J Allinson, C M Allsopp-Stone, T Alston, L G Alty, N Amin, R W Annis, B Anthony, T J Anthony, J S Arliss, L Armstrong, D P Ashworth, R E Ashworth, E Asiliskender, C M Aspey, M J Asquith, C J Atkinson, M Balcerak, L J Baldwin, E L Ball, M J A Ball, J O Ballam, D F Balshaw, O G Banks, C Barbour, C Barclay, M E Barclay, C E Barcock, J J D Baron, A D Barrett, M J Barrett, E T Bartle, J A Basquill, C F Baxter, C O Beadsley, J T Beanland, D G Begley, V B Benkel, C D Bennett, S Bennett, C R Benson, C A Berry, E M L Berry, A Betteridge, C J J Bibby, J Bickerstaffe, C M Bidle, A L Birch, A L Biviano, L C Black, M M C Black, H J Blackhurst, L J Blackwell, A Bleakley, E Bleasdale, B L Bloxham, W J Blunt, O W Booth, J N F Boulton, J M Bowley, A R Boyle, E A Bradford, E E Bradley, L Bradley, R Bradwell, O Brady, B D Bremner, J E Brewer, E Briggs, E Briggs, K L Broadway, A K Brookes, H G Broughton, H L Brown, T L Brown, W T Brown, E J Buckley, L Buckley, D Bullough, E Bunting, J A Burke, J L Burke, M O Butler, J J Byrne, R T Cable, M M Cairns, A J Callaghan, L P Cameron, N Campbell, J J N Cardwell, C Cardwell-Wilsdon, A C Carr, A Carter, A C Carter, A P Carter, E J Cartmell, S S J Cartmell, R T Cato, O C Cattle, M V Cemerikic, Y Chen, K J Cherry, D L Chettoe, T R Choudhury, L Chow, A S J Christy, K Chudynka, J R Churchouse, G N Clark, M Clark, N A Clark, M G Clayton, P O Clegg, S Clegg, M Clossick, F H Coates, K L Cody, C Collinge, G Collings, T Collinson, C E Condron, C Conley, L J Connearn, L M Connell, D T Connolly, T M Connor, B J Cooke, C S Cornwell, J K Cornwell, A Coventry, J P C Cresswell, O R Crisp, C C Croft, E J Cross, S Cross, C Cruickshank, T G W Cryer, H A Cudlip, J L Cullinan, B S Culpan, J A Cunliffe, C B Cunningham, N Curran, A F Curtis, O J D’Arcy, A M Daly, L Daniels, A E Danson, C P Davey, B Davidson, C R Davis, E R Davis, J S Davis, M Davis, R J Davison, R Delapenha, T K Delves, E M Demar, J E Dempsey, M Denny, R Devonald, D T Devonport, C Dickinson, C I W Dickman, Z S Dickson, A A Dixon, A L Dixon, A M Dixon, G Dixon, G Dodd, O Dodd, K Donnelli-Hunn, L A Donnellon, L M Dooley, A L Douglas, T L Dowie, B H Draycott, L Dunn, J Eadie, L A Eagles-Martin, M G East, L Eastoe, C O Eaves, J Eaves, M Eaves, L Eckersley, C L Edge, R M Einarsson Nielsen, M N Eldershaw, K A Elliott, J Ellison, J L Ellwood, C J Emery, A G England, J Eustace Robinson, J A Evans, R E Evans, T D Fairclough, Z S V Fairhurst, K A Fairlie, R Falkingham, T G S Farnell, E Farquhar, E Farrell, L A F Farricker, T I Farrow, G Faulkner, G Fawcett, T J Fearnley, R R Ferguson, E G Fielding, M M A Fielding, R L Fisher, E P Fitzmaurice, E A Fitzpatrick, O Fivian, S J Fogg, J M Foley, I Foote, Z N Foster, E French, E Froggett, M Froggett, P A Froggett, I Frolov, B J Fuller, M J Gair, T Galler, E R S Galloway, K Gannon, M Garaba, H J Gardner, R T Garrett, B M Gaunt, P S Gelder, C L Gibson, N L Gibson, R Gibson, H J Gill, A M Gillespie, S P Gilligan, B Glover, H V Glover, C A Good, L J Goodfellow, O J Goodhew, O Gorman, T W Gotto, A Gould, E Gouldin, K Grant, L H Grassie, A V Greaves, B Green, C E J Green, K Green, S T Green, O Greenop, B A Gregson, Y Gregson, G Grierson, C Grogan, J Gurung, J K P Guy, E L Hadwin, V Hague, J W Haigh, C D J Hall, J K Hall, M F Hall, A Hamilton, H Hampson, S J Hancock, G Hannibal, R Hannibal, C N Hanson, L M Hargreaves, O Hargreaves, J Harrington, K Harris, D Harrison, K Harrison-Bruno, S A Hartley, A I Hasan, E J Hassall, E C Hathaway, G Hawkins, A L Haworth, C E Hay, S Hayes, M L Hayhurst, B E M Hayton, C L Hayton, L B Hearsum, G Heath, N A Heller, L Herbert, K E Hesketh, J Hester, R C Heubner, J Higgins, L E H Higham, C Hill, H Hilton, A J Hinchcliffe, B A Hindle, C R Hirst, C Ho Zhi Yang, M M Hoare, K L Hodson, L K Hogarth, C A Holden, K T Holden, H A Holland, M O C Holland, S A Holland, B Holland-Ball, K E Holmes, K J Holmes, D M Hopkins, S R Hopkinson, E Hornby, C E Horrocks, R I Horvath, J Houldsworth, C Howard, S J Howard, N A Howell, E L B Hoyle, K J Hoyle, H J Hudson, L R Hudson, Z J C Hudson-Williams, A B Hughes, A G Hughes, D Hughes, D Hughes, J D Hunt, L J Hurley, A C Hutton, B Hutton, T Ialmam Silva, Z Iglesias-Blackburn, K Ingham, V Ingham, E M Ireland, C L Isherwood, A J Jackson, H K Jackson, J Jackson, L D Jagger, A V J Jeffries, K J Jenkinson, A Jewitt, S Jolliffe, A Jolly, B Jones, D G T Jones, G Jones, J J Jones, J S Jones, L A Jones, M Jones, M E Jones, H Kadic, K K Karpinska, C A Kay, A M Kazamias, E H Kearton, P Y Keen, N R Kelham, R B Kellett, H G Kelly, K A Kelly, S C Kelly, L Kennedy, M L Kennedy-Diver, N L Kenny, N Kenworthy, S A Kenyon, A Key Otero, E G Khan, S S Khanam, L T Kidd, P Kiernan, J King, S L King, C J Kirk, A M Kirkham, S P L Knight, J R Knowles, P A Krawczyk, P J Kyne, J K Lamb, R Lambert, C J Lander, S L Langer, M F Langley, B Larkin, G Latham, J Lau, S P Laycock, J A Layton, A Leach, E E Leadbetter, E Lees, M A Leonard, H R Lester, W J Lewis, W J Liptrot, K Literska, M T Livesey, J A Lock, B Loder, G M Lomax, J W D Lomax, P Lonsdale, A Lopez Rodriguez, Y Lu, E L Luce, G L Luckett, M C Lui, G C Lumley, J J Lyle, M Mainds, D A E Makinson, N C Malhotra, A J Manders, G M Markham, K L Markham, E R Marks, B J Marriott, C Marsden, A M Marshall, L T A Marshall, L Martin, J J Mathew, R Maxwell, J McAnena, A McCarron, A R McCaskill, G W McClean, G McCorry, T Mcfadyen, S McGailey, E J McGawley, J J Mcgonagle, H S McGrath, L McIvor, E McKay, L R McNaught, A M McNeill, J A McNicholas, N McNickle, J McWilliams, L Meek, S J Mercer, K M Mercy, C J Middleton, C Miller, M Miller, T R Miller, A L Mitchell, G L Mitchell, J Mitchell, M J Mitchell, J H Molloy, H R Monaghan, R L Monks, B Montgomery, E Mooney, H Moore, J Moore, E S Morrison, S Morrissey, P Moshona, R E Moss, T Mottershead, L J Moyes, C R Moyle, O Mulhall Taylor, A S Mulvey, R A Munro, J C Murray, W K Murray, W Myers, P Nabil Islam, T L Nelson, J Neri, H S E Nester, B J Newman, M Noble, G W Norman, C Norton, M J Norton, M J Nuttall, T J Nuttall, J L O’Connor, R O’Connor, F S O’Donnell, C O’Neill, J O’Neill, J R T O’Neill, E J L Oakey, R Oldfield, L O Oldman, E Orr, A G Owens, T J Pagen, J Paine, C G Palmer, C E L Parr, A Partington, J L Partridge, S Patten-Clayton, E F Pawson, C S Payne, N E M Payne, S G Pearson-Brown, A L Pemberton, M J Penswick, S Pepper, C Phasey, J O Pickavance, N Pinkney, A J Platt, R Platt, W E Plunkett, L Poole, T Poole, A J Pople, D E Porter, K A Porter, S O Potton, O Potts, N J Powell, H Price, J S K Priestley, N Radzanowska, F Railton, C L Ralph, G E Randles, E M Rapaccioli, C Ratcliffe, J R Rayner, B L Redmond, O R Renshall, J A J Richardson, M Riedel, M J Rigby, K Riley, L Riley, E L Roberts, M S A Roberts, S V J Roberts, L M Robinson, K Rodgers, D E Rooney, C Roper, L N Ross, E Rowe, O Rowley, K P Rutherford, B L Ryan, L Sajban, N Salmon, L Samson, O A Samways, J J Sanderson, M J Sandford, K J Sandiford, H V C Saunders, W A Saunders, J H Schofield, J Seear, H Seed, T Severino, D Seville, Z Shahsavari, R J Sharpe, B O Sharples, J Sharratt, T K Sharratt, C T Shaw, J H Shaw, K J Shaw, A L Shore, J W Short, D Siddall, J L Simey, G J Simms, C J Simpson, L N Simpson, S L Simpson, A Singh, S Singleton, T J Singleton, C J Skivington, A Slade, A C Slater, A J Smith, A J Smith, B Smith, D J Smith, J Smith, L Smith, L A Smith, M Smith, O Smith, R J Smith, V Smith-Payne, L G Smyth, J Snelson, M Solarska, C L Soothill, J A Southern, K H Southern, N L Stevens, T L Stones, D Street, D Street, J L Street, D J Stretton, H J Stringfellow, S J Strutton, E J Stuart, C B Swarbrick, M L Tattersall, B L Taylor, O E V Taylor, S Taylor, C Thomas, C Thomas, R M Thomasen, A D Thomason, E V Thompson, J W D Thompson, F C Thompson-Jolley, R Thomson, C D Thornborough, M L Thornhill, A L Thornton, M A Threlfall, E R Threlkeld, L Thwaites, B K Tinkler, M Tinsley, T Tongue, L Torralba, T L Townley, R Trott, J Turner, M G Turner, J L Twiss, A E Vallance, M L M Veitch, O R J Verity, M Verma, E R Vurdu, L A Waite, M L R Waldermar, J J D Walford, R Walkden, A Walker, R L Walker, K A Walsh, M Walsh, K M Warnes, S Warren, A G Waters, J P Waters, C M Watson, J Watson, K D B Weir, L R C Welch, C L Whatmough, L C White, M A White, B K White-Holland, H J Whitworth, A Whyatt, A M Wilkinson, C J Wilkinson, J Wilkinson, R C Wilks, J Williams, L E Willis, J Wilmore, E J Wilson, K Wilson, C P Winrow, A J Wood, E L Wood, K Wright, K L Wright, M R Wright, C P Wylie, D Yates, C K Yeung, R Ygona, Z Zampini.Two Passes: D J Acton-Higginson, H J G Barron, M L Goodinson, R I Gudgeon, W J S Haddow, J M Hall, A Hayes, N Hogg, S Hutcheon, J Jacobs, E Johnstone, M Jones, E F Martin, M Moshona, D J Park, A C Rashid, S J Rathbone, M J Scarr, C B Searle, I L Sutcliffe, M J Swarbrick, C Tarpey, S T Teale, J Tyler, I L Unsworth, J A White.One Pass: K J Baron, P L Cartledge, B Dagger, D J C Lee, T J Scantlebury, K Wilson, M Zubowicz.

AKS LYTHAMFour passes: U Ma, S Wen, M Wu. Three passes: A Abbott, G Aspinall, S Baines, M Bittar, A Bowker, D Brenner-Lawton, A Broadbent, H Bux, H Bux, C Cadley, E Chambers, M Cherry, M Child, J Clayton, M Cookson, A Douglas, S Drinkwater, R Evans, M Fisher, N Forster, I Fraser, N Gallagher, O Gavin, J Harvey, J Heaton, J Howland, K Iqbal, A Iredale, L Macaulay, K Macaulay, A Marrs, R Mill, J Moore, A R Naeem, S Neill, R Newman, A Park, R Pickersgill, G Powell, J Pyrah, S Reams, L Rigby, B Smyth, S Southern, F Stanier, J Taylor, M Turpie, I Walton, R Whitaker, J Willcox, J Wood, G Wood-Wareing, G Wyatt, T Wyatt. Two passes: I Arnold-Turner,J Worsley.

A Level Results Day at Rossall School

ST MARY’S ACADEMYFive Passes: Ashton TFour Passes: Arnold C, Barczynska L, Bradley J, Brown G, Cardwell E, Dale H, Davidson C, Dewhurst O, Fisher B, Flete E, Graham G, Houghton R, Humphreys L, Hutt C, Jenkinson E, Johnson C, Lloyd C, Lovell S, Lowe J, Machowiecki M, McKevitt J, Molloy R, Montague J, Moonemalle M, Ney J, Oscar M, Patten L, Puthenpurayil A, Ronson A, Salt L, Sieradzki N, Smithurst S, Tanner C, Tench M, Tomas W, T, Towell C, Towers R, Tribe O, Tyrrell CJ, Valentine P, Verzo V, Wells C, White S, Williams J, Wills B, Winder M, Wrigley J, Zafar JThree Passes: Baldwin M, Colley C, Dela Cruz D, Foster M, Hardman T, Lea-Sain J, McMullen J, Payne E, Rhodes K, Robb G, Welsh C, Winter N, Wood JTwo Passes: Flemington L

LYTHAM SIXTH FORMFour Passes: R Canham, T Edington, H JamilThree Passes: D Bailey, S Booth, C Choi, E Crowther, N Dawber, J Deveney, J Downie, E Fewings, N Fletcher, L Hales, I Harrop, K Hughes, W Hunt, A Leivers, L Lockhart, S Lord, C Maddox, E Mawdsley, O Palser, M Parsons, C Perrey, E Plunkett, K Ritchie, D Santos, S Sime, A Smith, S Stewart, P Thompson, C Turnbull, C Wallbank, R Wright, M YeadonTwo Passes: M Boyce, A Shipton, L Wilson, S Zahmat KeshanOne Pass: L Crewdson, R Cusworth, H O’Brien

KIRKHAM GRAMMARFive passes: K ChengFour passes: T Chu, E Coffey, V Karri, I Kavanagh, J Lam, K Law, R Liu, A Platt, T Randall, G Wong, H Wong, M WongThree passes: B Adekoya-Serrano, M Andrews, P Armstrong, M Ashcroft, A Barrow, C Beard, M Bedford, O Billington, C Bradbury, A Bradshaw, L Brookfield, K Butler, A Clayton, S Cope, N Cross, J Devereux, C Doherty, H Douthwaite, C Eve, O Fearn, M Forrest, M Fox, L Fraser, F Furnival, T Gilmore, O Gornall, H Gouldbourne, C Hargreaves, G Haythornthwaite, J Higham, C Hughes, C Hyde, Z Ikram, C James, D Kemp, E Leatherbarrow, I Long, L Lythgoe, C McDonald, N McFarlane, A Metherell, S Minten, J Moreau, E Moss, J Nash, C Parker, R Parkinson, N Pilkington-Lowe, N Pope, H Sayers, S Stepanov, A Topping, T Walter, L Williamson, E Wilson, H Wilson, E Winn

ROSSALL SCHOOLFive passes: H He, Y ZaikinaFour passes: C Chan, S Li, Y Luo, H Ng, J Schellhorn, K Tai, H Tsang, K Wong,Three passes: J Amor, L Bannister-Nunn, T Beaumé, A Brown, L Chan, J Chen, P Chen, P Choi, A Counsell, Z Dai, S Dalton, F Dukker, M Finney, Y Gan, E Garstang, O Gregory, E Hall, N Hamdam, R Heyes, I Hockings, W Hoggmascall, H Hunt, N Ivanchenko, M Klebais, H Kwong, L Labbadia, E Nagle, M Peill, A Pezzini, R Purnell, E Robinson, E Rose, J Sangha, F Smith, H Stansfield, H Stott, K Swarbrick, K Vu, H Vu, X Wang, S Yin, T Zang, Y Zhang

Two passes: A Bryce, L De Pass, G Kipping, Z Qiu, C Zhao