Carleton Green Community Primary closes after confirmed Covid-19 cases across all year groups in Blackpool school

As one school opened – another shut.

Monday, 5th July 2021, 10:10 am

In recent days, Layton Primary has welcomed back its pupils after a Covid-forced closure – most last week, Year Four today and Foundation tomorrow.

While Carleton Green Community Primary will have its youngsters off until Monday and Tuesday, with headteacher Susan McGrath warning that “children and staff are literally dropping like flies with symptoms like hay fever – streaming noses and eyes with lethargy”.

She told parents in a letter: “A few have reported having a high temperature but none have reported having the cough or loss of taste/smell.

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The school has closed its doors

"I am hoping that by following the guidance and closing we can stop further spreading and end the term reunited back in school to be able to enjoy our summer break.”

Writing on Friday, Ms McGrath said she was “deeply saddened” to close due to “confirmed cases across all year groups”.

She added: “We have had the school fogged last night and will use the self-isolation period to deep clean the entire school with no staff in the building.

“All those that are well enough will provide remote learning to all our children for the full period”.

One parent said: “I just want to know why I’m sat at home with a child with Covid, having to shut my business for 10 days and isolate two other children when we’ve done everything properly, kept away from people, not gone on holidays, kept out of pubs, and practised meticulous hygiene.”

Multiple schools have been hit by confirmed cases in recent weeks, though health officials in the resort were unable to provide exact figures.

Each school has different policies – with some announcing cases and closures publicly, and others sending messages to parents on private applications or by letter.

At Layton, in Meyler Avenue, headteacher Jonathan Clucas told parents the outstanding-rated primary’s risk assessment had been updated – with groups of pupils, known as ‘bubbles’, now representing classes rather than entire year groups – in a bid to cut down on disruption to children’s education.

“Should a positive case arise, confirmed by a PCR test, and where the individual hasn’t been across the year group, only a class will be sent home,” parents were told.

The school closed last Tuesday amid an outbreak but reopened on Thursday, earlier than expected, after a negative PCR test – which came after three positive rapid flow tests – meant “staff capacity is now increased”.

However, some isolating youngsters had to wait until Friday to return, while some went back this morning, with those in Foundation heading back tomorrow.