Aspire Academy pupils get back to nature

A group of intrepid youngsters have been taking advantage of having school all to themselves... by moving lessons outside.

Thursday, 16th April 2020, 5:00 pm
Taking a break from their desks,,, Aspire pupils with Roe the Springer Spaniel helps bring outdoor learning to life.

Some Fylde Coast Academy schools staying open for the families of key workers and vulnerable children have been trying to get away from traditional lessons to give their young charges more life experiences.

Aspire Academy’s David Jenkinson created a fascinating nature trail experience on the school field.

He said “During the nature trail we located a number of fox dens, fox trails and actual evidence of foxes having hunted in the immediate area.

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"We visited the different types of habitats, woodland, marsh, wetlands and discussed the types of prey that the foxes will be hunting and eating to feed their cubs.

"We ended the outdoor section of the day with some physical exercise that included undertaking a range of gundog retrieving activities to better understand what the role and functions of gun dogs are within structured programmes of countryside management. They wrote about their experiences with my own gundog Roe, who is a springer spaniel.”

Pupil Matthew Taylor said: “It was great fun, I enjoyed following the fox trails to see the old dens and Mr Jenkinson pointed out places where foxes were spotted a long time ago. I really liked when we got to throw the training dummies for Roe and watch her work.”

Madison Sleet added: I learned that foxes use the same trail so then they know where their dens are and they can find their way back. They use the same paths to find and hunt their prey.

“Mr Jenkinson even showed us the marshlands where foxes hunt ducks, moorhens and coots.”

Sean Bullen, deputy chief executive officer of The FCAT said,: "This was a great opportunity in these difficult times to show young people the wonders of nature. It just shows that in all our aspects of work across the Fylde Coast Academy Trust we want students to have the best experiences they can have ... to ‘be the best that they can be. "