Are play times too short? St Kentigern's pupils discuss

By Tayla O'Hara, St Kentigern's Catholic Primary School

Tuesday, 5th November 2019, 3:54 pm
Tayla O'Hara
Tayla O'Hara

Is break time too short? Do you wish for a longer break time?Some people believe that children aren’t as sociable as they used to be and this is because of the length of break times.

It is thought that children aren’t getting enough time to take a break from class, chat and play with their friends.

Break time is important because it gives your brain a break from working.

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If your brain doesn’t get a break then silly behaviour can start because children need to let all the silliness and energy out!

Leonie, Year 4 said: “I think we should have longer playtimes to socialise more and give our brain a break from working.”

Caitlin agreed, she explained: “I think we should have longer playtime to rest our brains and to get more exercise, natural light and a snack.

I also think that it is unfair that KS1 get longer breaks than KS2 because KS2 are older and work harder.

Altogether they should have equal breaks to make it fair. Around 30 minutes I think.”

However, Mrs Wygladala explained her reasons for the current length of playtimes, “The current break times work well and are appropriate for each Key Stage. KS2 have more to fit into their timetable and

are sensible enough to be able to go for a toilet break and get a drink of water when they need to rather than having a full break time.

We feel this works best as their afternoon learning isn’t interrupted when they are just getting stuck in to their lesson.”