Youtubers expose Blackpool '˜horror movie' hotel

Bloggers claimed to have exposed one of the worst Blackpool hotels in a YouTube expose.

Monday, 6th August 2018, 7:16 am
Updated Monday, 6th August 2018, 8:23 am
The interior of Casa Seashell

As part of an investigation into some of the UK’s worst hotels, YouTubers Jon Stroud and Luke Bather visited the Singleton House Hotel – one of the resort’s lowest rated hotels on review site TripAdvisor.

But they were moved to the Casa Seashell, owned by the same hotelier. Video of their stay was posted online yesterday.

The pair paid £42 for a triple room at the hotel which describes its rooms as ‘basic’ but ‘comfortable’.

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YouTuber Jon Stroud

Previous guests thought differently, leaving scathing reviews on TripAdvisor about their experiences.

Rooms are labelled as ‘filthy’ and ‘disgusting’, with one reviewer claiming: “I’ve seen better dog kennels.”

Armed with a camera, the pair turned up at the hotel for an evening check-in – only to find they were moved to sister hotel Casa Seashell further down the street. Footage shows a room with graffiti and stained walls, peeling wallpaper and broken taps.

The whole building is described as smelly, musty and freezing cold by the pair. A communal bathroom area features broken tiles and a mouldy shower.

Mr Stroud said: “When we went for a wander around the building, it felt as though they’d shoved in as many rooms as possible, with a total lack of regard for décor or sensible planning.

There were no other guests or staff there, we were on our own, which made it feel like a horror movie. We can only assume that people are deciding to give it a wide berth after reading the awful reviews.”

Two further episodes have already been filmed in Manchester and Birmingham, and the pair are keen to hear suggestions for which hotels they should stay in next.

However, Mr Stroud revealed that Blackpool’s contribution to the series was definitely their worst stay.

He said: “The hotel was dirty and possibly dangerous but we stayed in January and it was absolutely freezing – there was no heating.

“We want to record another five episodes so that we can provide a little tour around some of the UK’s worst hotels.

“And we want our viewers to suggest some we should visit. There’s nothing scientific about it – we just picked up the ones with the worst reviews online.”

The hotel’s own website contains a single one star review from last month headed: “Absolute nightmare wouldn’t recommend to anyone unless you don’t mind staying in a slum.”

A guest at Casa Seashell added on TripAdvisor: “Do not go here it stinks, it’s damp and filthy with no wardrobes, no drinking water and with a dirty toilet and shower.

“The hotel needs gutting.”

When The Gazette attempted to contact the owner, he answered but the line then went dead. A second call went unanswered.