Severed hand in central reservation leads to road closure

Officers found a gruesome-looking bloody handOfficers found a gruesome-looking bloody hand
Officers found a gruesome-looking bloody hand
Police who closed a major road after a motorist spotted a suspicious item have said it was a realistic-looking fake severed hand.

The Cleveland and Durham Roads Policing Unit shut the A19 near Middlesbrough on Wednesday evening while investigations were carried out.

Officers found a gruesome-looking bloody hand and wrist lying on the gravel which turned out to be a prop.

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Afterwards the unit went on Facebook to explain the closure.

It said: "In a nutshell, an eagle eyed diligent member of the motoring public spotted a suspicious looking item in the central reservation.

"Officers have attended and it has been found to be a realistic looking 'severed hand'.

"No doubt comments will be forthcoming- please! ..........."

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And members of the public did not disappoint with their response to the incident.

One replied: "That's were I put my back scratcher been looking all over for it."

Another said: "I wonder if they need a hand to clean up."

And another reader said: "Well done to the officer who picked it up. Give your self a pat on the back."