Plans for Blackpool's Mitre Pub get the go ahead

An image of how the Mitre will look
An image of how the Mitre will look
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Blackpool's smallest pub is in line for new signage and lighting after proposals to refurbish its exterior were approved.

Council planners agreed an application for the changes at The Mitre on West Street which is locally listed in recognition of its historical significance, as well as being within the Town Centre Conservation Area.

Town hall conservation officers, who were consulted, said while a timber sign would have been "more appropriate for a building of this age, the proposed signage as illustrated will provide a unified frontage which would enhance the conservation area.

"The introduction of new signage also presents an opportunity to remove superfluous signage, and I’d suggest that the projecting sign to the gable is omitted."

The application for advertising consent was approved using delegated powers.

It is proposed to invest up to £25,000 in improvements which also include new pavement screens, lanterns and a new history board for the pub which is part of Edinburgh-based Star Bars and Pubs Ltd, which is funding the work.

Work is expected to be carried out at the end of the season, ahead of The Mitre's 120th birthday in 2021.

The earliest deeds discovered show the building was originally used as a dwelling house and a shop owned in turn by Blackpool grocer and confectioner John Braithwaite, Carleton yeoman John Poole and Marton farmer John Hargreaves.

In 1902, it was sold for £8,000 and renamed The Mitre Inn - and has been serving beers and spirits ever since.

The Mitre also has a blue plaque installed by Blackpool Civic Trust, saying it “stands on the site of Dobson’s Row which dates from the 18th century”. It said it became a pub in July 1898 called Ye Old Glue Pot’.