Lancashire businesses can find out how to address the big issue of plastic at this event

The issue of plastic’ best use and pollution will be the topic of a seminar next month for Lancashire businesses.

By Tim Gavell
Monday, 23rd May 2022, 3:30 pm
Dr Alison Stowell is a lecturer at Lancaster University’s Management School
Dr Alison Stowell is a lecturer at Lancaster University’s Management School

“What Matters Now: A Pressing Plastic Problem” takes place on June 10, from 10.30am, the latest event in the Lancaster University Management School series addressing the big issues facing society and business today and tomorrow.

The event, open to all, will take place both in-person at Lancaster University Management School, and online via Zoom and features experts from LUMS, Lancaster University’s Faculty of Science and Technology and an industry expert at Lancashire firm Butlers Farmhouse Cheeses and members of the Plastic Packaging in People’s Lives.

Dr Alison Stowell said: “Plastics have been found everywhere, from the deepest oceans to the summit of Mount Everest, to the insides of our bodies, but we have demonised a material which has a lot of positive aspects as well.

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"The challenges is how to best use plastic, to avoid waste and pollution, to prevent damage to the planet, and these issues are among the most pressing facing us today.”

Professor Maria Piacentini added: “Through the PPiPL project, we’re trying to get a real understanding of how people interact with plastic – and of the gap between consumers’ attitudes to plastics and their actual behaviours.

"Not only are we looking at households and consumers, but also everyone from brands and manufacturers to retailers and waste disposal organisations.

The project involves chemists, business experts and behavioural analysts, allowing us to bring expertise from across the spectrum to a key issue.”

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