Ice cream van workers gathered at Norbreck Castle to try and save a ‘dying industry’

Ice cream vans in Blackpool in winter?! - This is why Norbreck Castle was whipped up into a frenzy

Ice cream van workers gathered to try and save a ‘dying industry’ by whipping up into a frenzy over the latest technology.

Friday, 3rd December 2021, 11:52 am
Updated Friday, 3rd December 2021, 12:07 pm

Almost 1,000 people went to the Norbreck Castle hotel on the Prom in Blackpool for the Ice Cream Mobilers Expo – which showed off new vans, toppings, and even new cones.

Social media star, ‘Mr Tee’, who has millions of views online after showing off his King of Desserts van, said the traditional childhood treat needs to move online.

He said: “I started off in 2016 with just a normal Ford Transit ice cream van, with social media coming into that – like Facebook and Instagram.

“Now we are progressing. We have opened a new TikTok, YouTube, and are putting out content that is reaching target audiences – toddlers and teenagers – and it is building slowly, slowly, slowly.”

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