Fashion shows the way for these Blackpool sisters with their retail dream

Three Blackpool sisters are set to hit the catwalk this Saturday to promote their business dream.

For Chloe, Caighli and Caitlin Mcilwaine are putting on a free entry fashion show at Blackpool Cricket Club from their online fashion business, Four Seasons Boutique.

The business was founded in April by Chloe and Caighli, with a little help from their mum Sharon Bonnell. The girls had long dreamt of having their own boutique and its success has been driven by their expertise in the use of social media.

Chloe, 21, like her sisters a former Baines pupil, started working after leaving school for Training Works NW in Blackpool and is currently Administration Manager while Caighli, 19, who has dyslexia, has a completed a Level 2 apprenticeship in Early Years.

Blackpool sisters Chloe Mcilwaine, 21, Caighli Mcilwaine, 19, and Caitlin Mcilwaine, 15 have set up online fashion store Four Seasons Boutique whihc is putting on a fashion show at Blackpool Cricket Club on July 30

But Chloe said she had always wanted to work with her sisters and together they were determined to have their own fashion business.

She said: “My sisters and I have always wanted to have our own clothing business for many years and the opportunity came up this year. I designed the logo and graphics and we saved up to get the stock in with help from mum. We launched in April and it has gone really well.

"Our customer base has grown through world of mouth and from using social media especially our live streams.

"With the Facebook Live streams in the evenings, we go through the new stock we have in and take orders with a discount if people order during the live streams. People prefer to see the clothing being worn in real life rather than just on a model.

Chloe Mcilwaine, Caighli Mcilwaine, and Caitlin Mcilwaine with mum Sharon Bonnell

"We get orders locally and from Yorkshire, Liverpool and as far as Essex in the South. Now we are looking forward to the fashion show and our next aim is to have our own high street shop.”

They set up a website, @, as well as their Facebook page, have more than 1,000 followers on TikTok and have been promoted by Influencers.

Mum Sharon said: “Caitlin has just been diagnosed with dyslexia, but when she works with her sisters, she has a sense of achievement and feels proud for being a young businesswoman at the age of 15.

"Seeing how her sisters have grown and achieved goals they never thought they would have, has rubbed off on Caitlin.

The Four Seasons Boutique website

“It has has given her the confidence in knowing anything is possible if you have a dream and work hard to achieve it.”