Brenda the Bernese Mountain Dog inspires brews at new Blackpool coffee shop Bren's Barista

A brand new licensed coffee shop has opened in Blackpool town centre - and its owners have a very special concierge waiting to welcome you with a smile!

Saturday, 14th August 2021, 12:30 pm
Updated Saturday, 14th August 2021, 12:46 pm

Brenda the Bernese Mountain Dog, who is 17 months old, mans the fort at a new coffee shop - her namesake - Bren's Barista in Queen Street.

Her doting owners, Jay and Paul Davies-Bloomfield, moved to North Shore in November from Mansfield after visiting hotel-owner friends and falling in love with the seaside.

They opened last month - and Brenda takes pride of place on the pavement outside, guiding dog-lovers through the doors off the street for a brew, breakfast or a glass of afternoon prosecco.

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Brenda the 17-month-old Bernese Mountain Dog is already ready to greet customers with a smile at Bren's Barista! Pic: Dan Martino/JPI Media

Paul, 51, said: "We knew someone who had a hotel up here so we came a couple of times and saw how vibrant Blackpool was.

"We decided we wanted to open a licensed coffee shop so we can also do prosecco afternoon tea, and we hope to have live entertainment during the evenings at weekends as well.

"My husband Jay has lived down in Hastings and Brighton before and saw that the big changes which happened down there many moons ago are happening up here too."

Jay, 52, has run various different hospitality businesses throughout his career and lived all over the world, and he believes Blackpool is now the best place to set up shop as the tourism industry rebuilds after lockdown.

Bren's Barista is now open on Queen Street in Blackpool town centre. Pic: Dan Martino/JPI Media

He said customers would likely be gently coerced into Bren's Barista by Brenda, as she relaxes outside waiting for passers-by to show her some attention.

"She's got such a personality, she's like, 'I'm a star and I know it,'" he said.

"She's a Covid dog, we got her as a puppy in lockdown so she's spent most of her life with us and she doesn't move for anyone.

"Even the road sweeper in Queen Street has to go round her, she won't move for anyone. She'll rarely wander round, it's her street and her town, she's so chilled.

Brenda's owners Paul and Jay Davies-Bloomfield say although she can be a diva, she's always willing to lend a paw and bring people into the coffee shop for a brew. Pic: Dan Martino/JPI Media

"But she will bring people in all the time - especially dog lovers. She can sense those kinds of people and she'll escort them in."

Ryan Skyrme, operations manager at Blackpool BID, said: "We are pleased to welcome Brens Barista to Queen Street. Its fantastic to see that another independent business has invested into the Town Centre. Their establishment has recently been renovated to a high standard and looks amazing now they have opened their doors.

"They offer a great selection of food and drink menus also including a vegan range, which is very popular. The opening couldn't have come at a better time to place Blackpool back on the map on the road to recovery from the pandemic.

"They will be very much welcomed by visitors and locals alike, and they will be a great addition to the early evening economy in the vicinity of Queen Street. We wish them all the success."

Jay and Paul Davies-Bloomfield opened Bren's Barista last month after moving to the resort from Mansfield. Pic: Dan Martino/JPI Media

Bren's Barista is open for breakfast, coffee, lunch and licensed afternoon teas 9-5 weekdays and 9-8 weekends.