Blackpool take-away denied late night opening over noise fears

A South Shore takeaway has lost its bid to open until 5am after fears were raised it would lead to late night noise disruption for residents.

Wednesday, 25th September 2019, 1:20 pm
A town hall licensing panel considered the application

But a Blackpool Council licensing panel has agreed to allow the Yummy Kebab House on St Annes Road to open for an extra half an hour until 2am.

The eaterie's operators had applied to the council to extend the hours of their late night refreshment licence because they said this would help the business compete with other takeaways in the area.

Ms Leonie Wilson, representing the applicant, said they were willing to open until 5am on Fridays and Saturdays only, and that between 3am and 5am the door would be shut to the public with only telephone and online orders taken.

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But Ms Nicola Helm, who appeared on behalf of the council's Environmental Protection team, warned "there is a likelihood of a nuisance being caused from the premises to residents which would prevent them from being able to rest within their own homes."

Other take-aways in the neighbourhood only open until 2am which is the time suggested in the council's own policy.

A notice setting out the panel's decision said it was felt allowing the premises to open until 2am "would mean that the applicant is not at a commercial disadvantage to other similar premises in the area."

Councillors also encouraged the applicant to work with the Environmental Protection team to determine whether it would be possible to open until a later hour without causing nuisance to residents.

The applicant has 21 days to appeal the decision should they wish to do so.