Blackpool recruitment specialist launches Job Doctors scheme

Mark Allan of Job Doctors
Mark Allan of Job Doctors
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A new Blackpool scheme has been launched to offer to offer pre-employment training and recruitment solutions to people who wanted to work.

Job Doctors is the brain child of recruitment specialist Mark Allan who recently returned to the town after working in recruitment in London for five years.

He said he has developed a new approach training programme designed to give job hunters more chance of finding a career.

He said: “I have created a 2019 Employment Training Course that is designed to generate more of a response and create opportunities. I have been getting people jobs for 15 years and I’ve never simply sent off a CV and waited to hear, which is sadly what too many job seekers do.”

He said many people with the right skills for a job don’t get chosen due to the sheer volume of CVs sent online adn added: “I know there are people who are applying for the right jobs but because of their outdated approach are not getting a look in.”

He has created a tips and advice leaflet, is setting up a jobs summer camp and is liaising with local employers and has set up a funding page at