Review of The Snow Queen at the Old Electric

The Electric Sunshine Project performed the fairy tale classic at Blackpool's newest theatre on the 5th February 2022

By Lucinda Herbert, Apprentice Journalist
Wednesday, 23rd February 2022, 12:30 pm

The Snow Queen has enthralled audiences for centuries and brought a sprinkle of winter magic to Blackpool’s newest theatre.

The Electric Sunshine Project have spent over five years working to make the arts more accessible across the Fylde. Melanie Whitehead’s community-led arts company took over the Old Electric theatre on Springfield Road in July 2021.

Drama gives a real confidence boost, and after being so badly hit during the pandemic it’s wonderful for these enthusiastic creatives to have their own space to perform.

Lisa Reynolds and Luke Berryman star as Gerda and Kai, and Liz Wilkinson plays the grandma in a performance of The Snow Queen at the Old Electric theatre.

The town-centre based amateur thespians delivered an enjoyable and polished show for just a fiver. Lisa Reynolds and Luke Berryman starred as best friends Gerda and Kai, whose childlike enthusiasm delighted the crowd. The two youngsters have a heartwarming dynamic with their grandma, played by Liz Wilkinson - until a spell is cast on Kai, turning him into a stroppy brat who mocks his old dear.

T Dunderdale played a convincing snow queen - on rollerblades. The youth-obsessed glamourpuss projected chilling monologues with frosty air of menace and not a hair out of place.

A light-box puppet show by Berryman and Dunderdale was a clever way of showing the far-off ice kingdom,. Artistic Director, Melanie Whitehead, and the cast, clearly had fun with low-budget props and lighting ideas - after all, the moral of this timeless fairytale shines through with no need for big production.