Comic to back fans at North Pier show

Jason Manford as Leo Bloom in The ProducersJason Manford as Leo Bloom in The Producers
Jason Manford as Leo Bloom in The Producers
Jason Manford’s ready to take on the Oyston’s – ahead of a show in Blackpool on Monday.

The TV comedian and stage star will play the historic North Pier Theatre to help mark the launch of the venue’s summer season.

Earlier this year he became caught up in the row between fans of Blackpool Football Club and the club’s owners, the Oyston family.

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Fans launched a ‘Twitter bomb’ on Jason, bombarding him with messages on the social media website, asking him to back their ‘Oyston Out’ campaign.

Jason ManfordJason Manford
Jason Manford

Jason said: “As a Manchester City fan, we have had our share of odd people in charge and a few fan movements where they have managed to oust a chairman or manager, so it can be done,” he said.

“These days, with social media, you can really make it happen.

“Blackpool’s supporters decided I was the person they were going to message the most and I had about 100 messages. I read about the situation and thought I would say something.”

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He did put out an ‘apology’ of sorts, after calling Karl Oyston an ‘odious ferret’, making it clear he did not wish to offend the furry creatures - after reportedly receiving a legal letter, although he said ‘nothing was every going to happen on that front.

“I wouldn’t mind if it had,” he said. “I would love to go to battle.

“I did see a sign outside the groud saying ‘Oyston Out, Manford In’, and as someone who’s played a lot of Football Manager, I can probably get them up a couple of leagues.

“And I’m sure some Blackpool FC material will come up on Monday.”

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Jason’s returning to the stand up stage for Monday’s performance after six months touring in musical The Producers.

The Salford comic said August was usually holiday time with his partner and five children, but the chance to play North Pier lured him in - and with it being close to home, they’d have a day out in the resort too.

“The hardest thing coming back to it is the memory test, so I’m going back through my last two or three tours and picking the favourite material as well as a bit of new material,” he said. “I had spoken to the guys at North Pier Theatre, and they’re trying to give it one last chance.

“It has been bubbling along but not hitting its stride these days, but it’s a lovely and historic venue.

“Let’s give it a boost and a push to try to make it part of Blackpool again.”

n Jason Manford, North Pier Theatre, Monday, 7.30pm. Visit to book.