Powerful play's well handled by a very talented cast and director

Lowther PavilionLowther Pavilion
Lowther Pavilion
All My Sons, Lowther Pavilion

Arthur Miller’s powerful 1947 drama is a superlative play, here superbly handled by the Fylde Coast Players.

The action, with a flawed protagonist and the action on a single day, is reminiscent of a classical Greek tragedy.

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The leading characters recount, often in soliloquy, the events which have led two neighbouring American families to conflict and then open confrontation.

The cast of 10 all do this exceptionally.

Andy Cooke, as flawed businessman Joe Keller, grows into the role, particularly in the dramatic scenes with his idealistic son Chris, beautifully played by Richie Withers, when his guilty secret is revealed.

Rosie Withers, as wife Kate, combines vocal mastery with subtleties of posture and gesture – notably when she finally accepts that her missing airman son Larry is dead.

She knows that Joe is responsible and her make-believe world and the American dream come crashing down.

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Felicity Morgan, the messenger figure in the story and the pivot between the two families, excels.

Poppy Flanagan’s clear direction recognises the importance of unfolding the back story vividly and her placing of the actors enhances the seismic conflict.

- All My Sons is on at the Lowther Pavilion until tomorrow at 7.30pm. Tickets from 01253 794221.