Hitmakers on high about debut album

Fans of Blackpool band Rixton will ‘all want the same thing’ next month, as the band announces its return to the charts.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 14th April 2015, 6:00 pm
Blackpool band Rixton
Blackpool band Rixton

The four-piece, which features Blackpool lad Danny Wilkin and former resort schoolboy Jake Roche, will release its third single We All Want The Same Thing on Sunday, May 31 – a week ahead of their album Let The Road’s release in the UK.

The band has spent much of this year so far in America, touring with Ariana Grande, where they will also support Ed Sheeran on a 16-date North American tour later this year.

We All Want The Same Thing is already being hailed as an ‘early contender’ for the a summer smash hit, and is described as a ‘straight-up R&B dancefloor filler showcasing charismatic frontman Jake Roche’s soaring, effortless falsetto’.

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Keys and bass player Danny and frontman singer and rhythm guitarist Jake, with bandmates percussionist Lewi Morgan from Bolton and lead guitarist Charley Bagnall from Essex, topped the charts last summer with debut single Me And My Broken Heart, followed up in the autumn by Wait On Me.

Fans have been waiting on the release of Let The Road for months, it was completed back in the autumn and initially slated to be out in the UK in March.

All three singles features, as well as tracks Hotel Ceiling – co-written with Ed Sheeran,

Jake, son of former Blackpool resident and TV presenter Collen Nolan and EastEnders actor Shane Ritchie, played tribute to the band’s Blackpool roots and how they feature in Let The Road.

With former Blackpool Sixth Form College student Danny, the pair started writing music at Danny’s parents’ pub in Thornton, where they set up camp in a disused caravan after being thrown out of Danny’s room for making too much noise.

“Let The Road is something we’re incredibly proud of,” Jake, who dates Little Mix’s Jesy Nelson, said. “Songs have survived six years to make it on this album, back when me and Danny were writing in the caravan having no idea where they would end up.

“We feel humbled to be able to share this with our fans, and we hope you enjoy listening to it, just as much as we enjoyed making it.” 

Rixton have risen to fame after being picked up on YouTube for their covers of pop hits, by Scooter Braun - the man who discovered Justin Bieber on the same social networking website.

Since then, they’ve been taking America by storm, although Blackpool remains close to their hearts regularly returning to the resort to Danny’s family home.

Here’s how the band’s record company describe the album...

“Starting with the close-harmony acapella of the title track, Let The Road then explodes into action with Wait On Me before the soaringly beautiful Appreciated and epic rock of Beautiful Excuses, led by Charley Bagnell’s emotive lead guitar and Danny Wilkin’s piano, expands Rixton’s sonic template further.

The worldwide hit Me And My Broken Heart leads into the Ed Sheeran-penned instant classic of Hotel Ceiling, followed by the playful reggae of I Like Girls with its tongue in cheek lyrics .