Book review: Yorkshire in Photographs by Dave Zdanowicz

Yorkshire in Photographs byDave ZdanowiczYorkshire in Photographs byDave Zdanowicz
Yorkshire in Photographs byDave Zdanowicz
It's not hard to see why Yorkshire is known as '˜God's own country.' The largest county in England is also the most beautiful'¦ just ask anyone who lives there!

This vast swathe of northern England is famous for its diverse landscape, from its past rooted in Roman and Viking history and its gritty towns and cities which helped forged the Industrial R evolution to its sturdy Norman castles, magnificent medieval abbeys, rugged coastline and two breathtaking national parks.

If there is a heaven then it must surely look like this, claim Yorkshire folk, and landscape photographer Dave Zdanowicz, born and raised in Bradford, has captured its essence in this outstanding collection of beautiful photographs.

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Zdanowicz, who bought his first camera just three years ago and has not looked back since, takes us on a seasonal journey of discovery through the rolling hills, distinctive dales and timeless villages of the Yorkshire Dales National Park and on to the spectacular, wave-battered east coast and the dramatic North York Moors National Park.

The magic of Yorkshire’s extraordinary landscape comes alive in these vibrant, atmospheric images which also explore some hidden corners of the county… isolated moors and hills, reservoirs and lakes, beaches and stunning cliffs, all representing a unique moment in time and captured at different times of the year.

Enjoy scenic Flamborough Head with its boats and majestic headlands in springtime, marvel at the ethereal beauty of ruined Whitby Abbey on its lonely coastal perch, wander through the streets of historic Howarth, bask in the glow of a summer sunset over picturesque Grassington and savour a snowy winter’s day in enchanting Harold Park in Bradford.

Packed with all the drama, serenity, colour, beauty and majesty of a unique and awe-inspiring landscape, this enchanting book is the ideal gift for all lovers of photography, the countryside, local history… and good old Yorkshire!

(Amberley, paperback, £15.99)