Book review: Everyday Maths for Grown-Ups by Kjartan Poskitt

Does adding up let you down? Do you suffer from maths anxiety? Well, here’s a book you can count on.
Everyday Maths for Grown-UpsEveryday Maths for Grown-Ups
Everyday Maths for Grown-Ups

We all need mathematical skills whether we are totting up receipts, dabbling with DIY or spotting a genuine bargain. But it’s surprising how few of us really feel confident when juggling numbers.

With the help of maths wizard Kjartan Poskitt’s wise and witty guide, you can learn how to master the art of quick mental arithmetic, get to grips with the complex maths behind your finances, work out the odds and beat them, and never again buy a sofa that doesn’t fit up your stairs.

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Starting with the very basics, this brilliant little book builds up your knowledge piece by piece, providing a practical foundation for tackling the mathematical problems of everyday life.

Poskitt shows how we can all master daily conundrums in a quick, easy and fun way. There are tips for getting the best shopping bargains, splitting the dinner bill without a mobile phone frenzy, converting imperial measurements to metric when using an ancient cookbook, advice on making homework less of a chore and lots more everyday tips and tricks.

Check a till receipt quickly, get a grip of long division, multiply and divide by 10, 100 or 1,000, perfect your knowledge of percentages, convert metres, litres and grams, and excel at angles, triangles and trig.

So instead of waiting for someone else to solve your maths problems, take a leaf out of Everyday Maths for Grown-Ups and find out all the shortcuts, fun tricks and new approaches to tackle even the most complex calculations with confidence.

What a joy to discover that maths doesn’t have to be hard!

(Michael O’Mara, paperback, £7.99)

Everyday English for Grown-Ups

Michelle Finlay

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And do you feel sentenced by your grammar inadequacies? Would you like to master the intricacies of the English language?

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Enjoy a punctuation, pronunciation, style and grammar workout with Michelle Finlay’s wonderfully accessible guide to the nuts and bolts of our clever, complex language.

From guidance on writing letters and reports to using grammar correctly and understanding sentence structure, this is the perfect ‘how-to’ manual which takes you right back to those essential basics that help to master the language.

Ideal for native and non-native speakers alike, Everyday English for Grown-Ups explains the simple rules and tricks to help your writing and speaking stand out from the rest, and it’s all backed up with hundreds of easy-to-understand and entertaining examples.

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Finlay explains how to use the language with precision and confidence in any situation, business or personal, making those first impressions really count.

Learn the correct way to write letters, reports or any communication in which it is vital to convey meaning and purpose simply and clearly. There are also sections on sentences, parts of speech, punctuation and the common pitfalls to avoid.

Entertaining, easy to read and wonderfully accessible, there could be no better way to improve your language skills… and have fun whilst you learn!

(Michael O’Mara, paperback, £7.99)

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