20th Century Boy's still relevant in the 21st century

20th Century Boy20th Century Boy
20th Century Boy
You don't have to be a fan of T-Rex to be drawn to this show about the life of Marc Bolan.

While the music drives the performances, the tragedy of the rock star struck down at the height of his career will always capture interest.

For once the dialogue has not been sacrificed for the sake of cramming more hits in, and the story-telling is not awkward or banal.

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Much of that is down to the excellent portrayal of Bolan by actor George Maguire who helped create this musical about the legendary glam-rocker.

He is supported by cast members who brilliantly depict different characters ranging from Helen Shapiro to David Bowie.

The show covers Bolan’s early life growing up in South London, his breakthrough in the music business, marriage to June Child, American tours and subsequent relationship with Gloria Jones.

Context is created through the age-old method of background film clips, but this works thanks to the stylish way it is achieved.

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While there is no happy ending to this story, fans are treated to a musical finale encompassing hits such as Children of the Revolution and I Love To Boogie.

20th century BOY

The Grand, Blackpool

Until Saturday