‘You’ve no idea how giddy I am about being home’

Blackpool's Gary John Senior holding comedy partner Stephen Bailey - the pair are taking their PowerCouple show to the Edinburgh Fringe, via Blackpool town centre
Blackpool's Gary John Senior holding comedy partner Stephen Bailey - the pair are taking their PowerCouple show to the Edinburgh Fringe, via Blackpool town centre
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Gary John Senior’s school report gave a clue as to what he might end up doing.

“I went to Devonshire primary and they gave a pupil of the term award,” he said. “It was for kids who were good at colouring in or had done well in English. Alongside mine, the teacher had written ‘we’ve awarded this to Gary for keeping us all entertained with his excellent sense of humour’.

“My mum wasn’t too happy but I was.”

Gary’s mother needn’t have been too concerned for it’s what Gary, now aged 27, has continued to do all his life - and it’s finally paying off.

He, along with real-life and comedy partner Stephen Bailey, have written a show called PowerCouple, which they are taking to the Edinburgh Fringe in August.

Before that they are bringing it to West Coast Rock Cafe in Blackpool, mainly because Gary - who now lives in London - is desperate to return to his hometown and play a gig.

That will be on Saturday June 8, admission is free.

“Things are pretty exciting at the moment,” said Gary, who also went to Warbreck High (Unity College) and Bispham Tec.

“With this new show I feel as though things are starting to happen and I might be getting somewhere, which is nice because it’s been a long road to get where I have...”

That much is certainly true. He failed his GCSEs, dropped out of a performing arts course, worked in an embroidery factory, had a work experience stint at The Gazette, completed a media and performance degree at Salford University and pulled pints in a London pub en route to finally becoming a full-time comic.

“I’ve always been the kind of person who gets bored easily so I’ve never stuck to anything,” added Gary.

“It probably started at high school, when I discovered rock music and became a bit of a rebel. I even tore up a bible in class - I must have been a bit angsty that day.”

Gary came out at the age of 17. “My family weren’t shocked at all. They said ‘we already knew you were gay’. I wish they’d told me earlier.”

He’d wanted to do stand up comedy since his school days but it wasn’t until he left university as a mature student, just a couple of years ago, that he had the guts to do it.

His first gig was above the Cedar Tavern. Then he moved to London, where one night, at an open mic show, he met fellow comedian Stephen Bailey, “a ginger lad from Stockport”.

The pair clicked, started a relationship off-stage and eventually came up with the idea of a show called PowerCouple.

“It’s an hour long and it’s going down really well,” said Gary. “Stephen goes on stage first and gives his side of our relationship, I go on next, and then there’s a big shock ending.

“What we’ve found it that it is accessible to everyone. Everyone gets something out of it and that’s why it is working.”

They are playing the show at different venues throughout the UK, before heading to Edinburgh for a month.

But it is the Blackpool show Gary is particularly looking forward to. ”You wouldn’t believe how giddy I am about it,” he added.

“I’ve never had a chance to properly perform in Blackpool before and all my family and friends will be there. It should be great.”

The West Coast show is on June 8. Further information at @garyjohnsenior @stephencomedy @powercoupleuk