You can’t quite stop the JuNk

JuNk - North Pier summer stars hope for a tv break
JuNk - North Pier summer stars hope for a tv break
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Sam, Russell, Jake and Jay, collectively known as JuNk, who will be performing at Blackpool North Pier Theatre every Sunday during the summer season, are hoping to hit the big time on Sky One’s hit talent show Don’t Stop Me Now this coming Sunday at 8pm.

Hosted by Amanda Byram, Don’t Stop Me Now is a high-stakes talent competition where a studio full of singers, comedians and variety acts hope they will be called onto the stage to perform in front of the nation in a bid to win first place and a prize of £25,000. The studio audience are the judge and jury. Armed with a voting keypad, if they don’t like the acts, they will literally be ejected from the show. With the risk of a surprise exit via trap doors, horizontal bungees and exploding stages, it is a talent game show that takes no prisoners.

The aim is to make it through a full 100 seconds of a performance; if more than half of the audience don’t like the act, their time is up and they exit the show.

Those who make it through the full 100 seconds will line up for the final judgment in which the host will reveal who will be the winning act and walk away with £25,000 prize money.

JuNk are a four-man entertainment company, comprising of various performing arts elements; from crazy dance routines, harmonised singing, to acting and drum beats. Bins, bottles, brooms and ladders are just a few of the innovative props JuNk use to create a lively and hilarious fast paced show, providing a fresh new outlook on the entertainment scene.

Will the four Blackpool summer stars be picked to perform? Will they last 100 seconds or will they make an explosive exit from the tv talent show? Watch Don’t Stop Me Now on Sky One on Sunday at 8pm. to find out.

JuNk will be at Blackpool North Pier Theatre every Sunday evening at 7.30pm from July 29 to September 2. Tickets are £16.50 for adults, first child free (with two full paying adults) and thereafter £10. Tickets can be booked by calling the North Pier box office on (01253) 623304, Ticketmaster Hotline on 0844 847 2452 or by visiting or