Well I’m not a believer...

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Sally Morgan - Grand Theatre, Blackpool

BEFORE we get started let me just say, I’m a cynic.

I don’t believe in all this psychic mumbo jumbo and have never once dreamt of trying to contact my dearly departed.

The phrase Live and Let Die seems apt.

But when the opportunity came up to watch psychic Sally Morgan, who has recently been at the centre of press allegations of fraud after audience members in Dublin claimed to have heard a man’s voice relaying instructions to her from back stage, I couldn’t resist.

I thought it would be a bit of a wheeze. Like trying to see the strings in a bad 80s special effects film.

Unfortunately it was anything but.

It was awful, morbid and bleak and preying on the vulnerable and bereaved.

What was supposed to be poignant was painful. One woman was told an acquaintance who had hanged himself had been desperate for her help. One that her relative could still feel agonising abdominal pains. And playing Belinda Carlisle’s Heaven is a Place on Earth at the break was so crass and heavy handed it was almost funny.

But reviews are always by their nature subjective and Sally herself seemed quite nice and friendly towards her audience.

The believers who packed The Grand last night were looking for hope their loved ones may still be out there somewhere.

I just hope they’re not being given false comfort by what could be little more than a Victorian end-of-the-pier act.