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Laura Catlow 2'must credit photo by Edwin Firminger
Laura Catlow 2'must credit photo by Edwin Firminger
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Blackpool singer and songwriter Laura Catlow wants Duke’s Diary readers to help her win the finals of a national competition being held on board the HMS President boat on The Thames in London.

She won through all the heats of L Talent through public votes and is now down to the final eight on Saturday, September 10.

“I will be there performing but everyone can vote from home from 6pm that night,” said Laura. “The lines will be open for a couple of hours after this and I will leave a post on my Facebook music page to let people know when the lines have closed, but to be on the safe side, people would be best voting between 6 and 7pm.”

If she wins there’s the opportunity to play at the Dinah Shore Weekend in Palm Springs, California.

“So many huge artists have played there before they made it including Lady Gaga and Katy Perry,” she said. “It’s a really great platform for any artists who get the chance to play there.

“As well as this, I’ll get to record in a professional studio, be featured in G3 Magazine, I’ll be the face of next year’s L Talent Calendar and loads of other stuff that will be great exposure.

“I’m putting everything I have into this as it is such an amazing opportunity and I have a one in eight chance!, so I really need people to vote for me.”

She also promises that if she wins she will film herself singing one of her songs on a Blackpool bus full of customers.

“I promise I will actually do it because I really appreciate everyone’s help so far,” she says.

Here’s all the voting information: Text – LTMAN04 to – 60777. Texts will cost £1.