TV review: Dr Who - The Bells of St John

Jenna Louise Coleman as Clara and with the Doctor.
Jenna Louise Coleman as Clara and with the Doctor.
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TIME travel now has a Blackpool twist.

Viewers have waited more than 12 months to see Clara Oswin Oswald finally take up one of the most coveted roles in British television.

Jenna Louise Coleman

Jenna Louise Coleman

And alongside Doctor Who, 26-year-old actress Jenna Louise Coleman does not disappoint as her mischievous and confident persona takes centre stage ahead of Matt Smith’s vibrant and tweed-loving Doctor.

While his previous companions - the husband and wife team of Amy and Rory - were a roaring success, the Time Lord was always in control.

But with Clara he appears to be fighting to stay in charge and not be overcome by his obvious attraction to his assistant - a recurring theme in Smith’s eleventh regeneration.

This is the third time viewers have been introduced to Clara after two other appearances in different guises.

At the start of Series 7, way back in September last year, the Doctor, Rory and Amy first met her when they were kidnapped by the Daleks.

The witty and cocky Clara - then called Oswin Oswald - guided the threesome through their ordeal only for it to be revealed, in a cruel twist, that she was actually a Dalek herself and had earlier died after crash landing on the planet.

Leaving the Doctor stunned to find his new friend gone, he continues through the rest of the series stumbling on hidden messages about Clara’s whereabouts.

After the harrowing loss of Amy and Rory had paved the way for a new companion before the mid-season break, the Christmas special reunited the pair in Victorian London, only this time they were being chased by giant snowmen with a taste for humans.

But wherever the Doctor and his friends are, tragedy is not far behind, even more so in the case of the intriguing Clara as the latest re-incarnation falls to her death, leaving the Doctor to wonder if he will ever see his chosen companion again.

Their third meeting takes place as part two of Series Seven gets underway in medieval Cumbria in The Bells of Saint John.

This makes for a delighted and even more excitable reunion when Clara is finally tracked down in present day London.

The pair’s chemistry leads to them taking off in the TARDIS as they fight an evil organisation intent on stealing the internet and using it to trap and control its users.

Another near-death experience is overcome as the new friends battle to save the world and restore order in time for their next adventure.

Fans of the show have been buzzing with excitement about Clara’s arrival, and if the trailers for the latest episodes are anything to go by, they won’t be disappointed by what the writers have in store for the latest partnership of a British institution.

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