Spook in the stalls?

A mysterious mist on the old stalls at the former Regal Cinema in Blackpool.
A mysterious mist on the old stalls at the former Regal Cinema in Blackpool.
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IF you look hard enough, you may see the spooky face of a one-time cinema goer sat in the stalls at the former Regent Cinema.

That’s the claim of amateur photographer and lover of all things Blackpool, Mike Bower.

The former Regent Cinema

The former Regent Cinema

He attended a viewing of the former cinema and Rileys Snooker Hall on Church Street, which is up for auction on Friday, and took a series of snaps.

In one, there is an undisputed mist coming from the left side of the frame, and in others he spots a series of strange dots he believes are orbs – the first sign of a spiritual manifestation.

He claims there was no-one upstairs in the cinema’s seating area with him, and the atmosphere was so wet, the dots could not be dust.

The amateur ghost-hunter said: “It looks like I’ve taken a photograph of a ghost.

“I just took the opportunity to have a look around, and was quite happily taking photographs on my little Nikon camera all over the place. When I got to putting the images onto my computer, and way-hey, low and behold there is a ghost.

“I didn’t see it at first, but I can see someone sat there. He’s just happily sat in the circle seats.”

Mike, 52, of Bury, said the upstairs of the building was pitch black, and very spooky.

“You do feel at the time somebody is up there with you,” he said. “You put your hand in front of you and you can’t see it.”

Mike is happy to hear if there is a logical explanation for the mist, which does not appear on his other photographs of the cinema, but for now he’s convinced he has captured a spooky snap.

Blackpool spook chaser Stephen Mercer, who runs a series of local ghost walks, said it would be interesting to know more about the conditions when Mike took the photograph.

He added: “There is definitely a mist of some kind in this photograph. Is it a ghost making itself known to those who were inside the building?

“Many people who believe ghosts can walk among us will agree spirit beings can be seen by manifesting into the physical realm as mists or orbs.

“It would be interesting to know more about the environment when this group was inside the building and the photograph was taken. Was it dry, was it cold? We could then rule out simple explanations such as breath from the photographer or someone stood beside him because the air around them was cold.

“Those who do not believe in ghosts being able to manifest will argue this phenomena could simply be dust or light from flash photography reflecting through moisture in the air.”

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