Les Mis set to be a classic

Les Miserables at Blackpool Odeon.
Les Miserables at Blackpool Odeon.
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It is rare to hear an entire cinema audience applauding at the end of a film but that’s what happened at the Odeon’s showing of Les Miserables.

It could have been that the crowd were simply relieved the marathon two-and-a-half hour epic was finally over, but I don’t think so.

Because of all the rave reviews about the Oscar-nominated film, I thought I’d better go and see what all the fuss was about.

It’s hard to argue against the common consensus - that it is a brilliant picture and will become a classic, still watched in 50 years time. And the Odeon reckon it will be among its most-watched films of the year.

“The cinema was packed on Friday and Saturday night and we’ve had a few reports of the audience bursting into applause at the end,” said Colin Alexander, manager at the Blackpool Odeon. It seems to have hit the right spot with people and it’s destined to be one of the biggest films of the year at our cinema, certainly top three. It’s a great start to 2013.”


But it won’t be everyone’s cup of tea. I’d seen Les Mis three or four times previously at the theatre so knew what to expect, but the film, no matter how beautifully shot, won’t appeal to people who dislike musicals. There is no dialogue, it is all singing (even tough man Russell Crowe warbles away, who’d have thought it?) - so be warned; if that’s not your bag, you’ll find it hard going.

Everyone else though, go and see it. A terrific film, and with Stephen Spielberg’s Lincoln to come soon, cinema-goers have a fine couple of months to look forward to.