Les’ legend to live on as ITV plan new show

Seven million people watched The Audience That Never Was
Seven million people watched The Audience That Never Was
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It might be 20 years since comedian Les Dawson died, but ITV have opened talks about doing a new show featuring the great comedian.

It follows big viewing figures for The Audience That Never Was, screened last weekend and featuring a hi-tec hologram of Les.

More than seven million viewers tuned in for a show which earned rave reviews from the critics – which is why ITV are looking at the possibility of more.

Tracy Dawson, Les’ widow, travelled to London yesterday to meet producers.

“We met the people who did The Audience show and they have told us they want to do more stuff, which is great,” she said. “All the crew who worked on the programme were in their 30s and they loved learning about Les and hearing his jokes.

“The show got great viewing figures and I think it proved his comedy is timeless, that it still appeals to people now – despite it being two decades since he passed away.

“Now ITV are talking about using more of his old material and turning it into a new show, and I hope it happens.”

Tracy and daughter Charlotte - who was just eight-months-old when her father suffered a heart attack and died on June 10, 1993 - will commemorate the 20th anniversary of Les’ death by laying flowers at his statue near St Annes pier.

“It will be a private thing and we’ll go to the White Church afterwards, where Les and I got married,” added Tracy.

“I can’t believe it is 20 years since I lost him and I still think about him every day.

“But it makes me very proud that his humour and writing lives on and people still love him.”

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