Kat Slater set for dramatic return to Albert Square

Jessie Wallace
Jessie Wallace
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Albert Square's residents are in for a shock when Kat Slater makes a surprise return as they are making plans for her funeral.

Jean and Mo Slater (Gillian Wright and Laila Morse) have already returned to the soap, with Mo claiming that Kat is dead.

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The people of Walford rally together and hold a fundraiser in her honour to raise money for a send off.

Little do they know that all is not as it seems, and Kat (Jessie Wallace) is actually on her way back to the Square and is heading straight for The Vic.

How will the residents react when they discover the truth - and what is really going on?

Meanwhile, actress Lacey Turner, who plays Stacey Slater, has said the family reunion spells big trouble for her character.

"The Slaters coming back just sort of ruins Stacey's life," she said.

"They just come back and cause a lot of trouble and expect Stacey to put it all back together."

The actress said she was thrilled when she heard her soap family were returning - but admitted it makes it a little harder to get work done.

"I love being around them and I love working with them and I think it's lovely for Stacey to have her family back," she said.

"We're quite useless working together because all we do is laugh. We spend most of our time laughing and trying to get some work done."

Viewers can see Kat return at 9pm on BBC One on Thursday March 22.

Two episodes will air on Thursday, one at 7.30pm and one at 9pm.