Geordie Shore cast ‘not welcome’

'Not suitable' The cast of Geordie Shore, Charlotte Letitia Crosby
'Not suitable' The cast of Geordie Shore, Charlotte Letitia Crosby
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A gang of hard-drinking debauched reality TV ‘stars’ have been told they are not welcome in Blackpool after asking if they could film a wild night out in the resort.

Tourism chiefs refused the Geordie Shore cast’s request to screen their booze-fuelled antics in the town because it was deemed too seedy.

The reality show’s stars had planned to film themselves in pubs, clubs and strip bars before continuing back to a hotel.

Show bosses had hoped to film a day out in Blackpool for the MTV programme’s ninth series but were knocked back by town hall bosses.

Tourism chiefs issued a warning to club owners and the town’s businesses to steer clear of the Geordie Shore cast as their “less than savoury antics” were completely 
“off message” for the resort.

Blackpool Council was heavily stung by the fall-out from Channel 4 documentary 999: What’s Your Emergency? which showed the town in a negative light as it shadowed the emergency services, who agreed to being filmed for the programme.

Hoteliers said it was hugely damaging for the town with people calling up to cancel bookings having watched the controversial show.

After the programme finished, a Media Group was set up between the council and attraction and business groups in the town.

It agreed to carefully consider all filming requests to ensure Blackpool was portrayed as positively and fairly as possible.

Coun Graham Cain, Cabinet Member for Tourism and Leisure, said: “On a daily basis we receive requests from production companies wishing to film in Blackpool.

“As a town that relies on tourism we have to be careful about allowing any programmes to film in the resort which may have a detrimental effect on the town’s 

“We prefer to work with companies that appeal to our target market of families and do so on a regular basis.

“All requests are carefully considered but on this occasion we chose to refuse Lime Pictures’ application for permission.”

Lime Pictures confirmed they made an enquiry to film in the resort but refused to comment on the refusal.

Geordie Shore follows the trials and tribulations of a group of young men and women from Newcastle and the North East where the show is normally set.

Since the show launched in 2011 the show’s cast have regularly courted controversy with one of the lead members, Gary ‘Gaz’ Beadle once saying “I should have a degree in pulling women.”

The last series raked in more than a million viewers on average per episode.