Ex-troops back on the small screen

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Two former soldiers have again combined war and comedy in the second film they have made together.

Graham Moody and Matt Greenhalgh, from Blackpool, served in the Royal Green Jackets at Weeton Barracks until 2007 and discovered a mutual love of movies.

They made their first film, Birds of Prey, nine years ago, and their latest effort, Eagle’s Nest, with co-director Gaz Coward, is the prequel.

It will be premiered at Club Domain on the Promenade at 7pm next Wednesday, December 17. The 90-minute film, which cost more than £2,000 to make, tells the story of a group of British soldiers and mercenaries who are training German soldiers in modern-day South America.

Unbeknown to the Brits, the Germans are really on the trail of some hidden Nazi gold - but get a shock when they instead unearth Adolf Hitler’s body.

The film involves 12 actors playing 20 different people and 85 ‘deaths’ and was filmed over a weekend at Trax paintballing centre near Leyland.

Dad-of-three Graham, who lives on Caunce Street in Blackpool, and served in Iraq, Sierra Leone and Northern Ireland, said: “We’ve just been getting on with our lives since the first film but decided we wanted to make another one.

“We make films about soldiers because it’s what we know and we can draw upon our experiences.

“We bring a lot of soldiers’ humour into it and it’s almost completely comical because war is nasty and we don’t want to glorify it.”

Graham, 32, said not all the comedy had been deliberate. At one point a smoke grenade is thrown at the plastic box painted to look like Hitler’s coffin - but ends up setting it alight.

“That was not supposed to happen but the cloth it was covered in got really hot,” said Matt, who plays John Bishop, ‘one of the good guys’.

“Fortunately we were able to put it out and I suppose it looked more realistic.”

Graham, who combines construction training with a weekend job at Club Domain, added that the pair, who operate under the name AUDAX Films UK, dream of turning their hobby into paid work.

“We want to make something of this,” he said. “If we keep ploughing away we hope we will get ourselves noticed and commissioned to do work for people.”

Their next target is to enter as many as four films into a short film competition called The Question run by recruitment firm Reed.

l There will be around 80 free seats for the general public at Wednesday’s premiere of Eagle’s Nest. They will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. They also plan to sell copies of the film - keep an eye on their Facebook page AUDAX Film Productions for more details.