Who are the lucky Postcode Lottery winners on the Fylde coast?

The Fylde coast is home to plenty of lucky lottery winners
The Fylde coast is home to plenty of lucky lottery winners
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Today we asked whether the neighbours who hit the jackpot with a £210,000 lottery win were living on the luckiest street on the Fylde coast - but they aren't the only ones to win big.

Six people on Birch Way were left delighted as they each pocketed five-figure sums from the Postcode Lottery.

And while this lot can't quite match them in terms of the size of their haul - there are plenty of others who've done well out of the Postcode Lottery.

In July last year, three people on Sir Stanley Matthews Way East, Foxhall Village, picked up £30,000 each.

Ionescu Raul, was one of the lucky trio and said: “I can’t believe this - I never expected to win this kind of money in a million years."

And one Kirkham resident was the sole recipient of a £30,000 prize when her postcode was picked.

Belinda Marshall said at the time: “I nearly fell over when I saw the cheque."

In 2016, Knott End was twice home to a winning postcode.

Robert Butler, of Lancaster Road, won £25,000 in October that year. And four months earlier, four people at a different postcode along the same road each picked up the same amount.