Theatre Review: It’s A Wonderful Life - Thornton Little Theatre

Thornton Little Theatre
Thornton Little Theatre
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THIS beloved American holiday classic comes to captivating life this week as Poulton Drama depict the touching story as a live 1940’s radio broadcast.

Faced with a grave decision on Christmas Eve, George Bailey discovers, with the help of his guardian angel, Clarence, what the world would be like if he had never been born. This production takes a cue from the classic dramas of radio’s golden age, presenting the story live on stage as if it were an actual 1940’s radio show.

The large cast of 26 portray the 41 parts and are on stage throughout the whole production, including musical interludes from ‘The Andrews Sisters.’

The cast in the sound booths, create all the various sound effects live “on air” adding their own particular invaluable magic. The effective set and excellent costumes perfectly depict the era to instantly take you a nostalgic step back in time.

Close your eyes and you would think James Douglas, playing George Bailey, was actually James Stewart, with such a distinctive voice and likeable presence.

Accomplished actor Ian Rowe tries for his wings as the inimitable celestial, Clarence and an impressive Sarah Martin portrays Mary Bailey.

At the helm is the radio station host, ably undertaken by Anthony C Henry.

Poulton Drama bravely takes on a totally different concept to bring this festive feel-good film to life before your very eyes (and ears) via the magic of stage (and radio).

Directed with experienced vision by Colin Johnston, the play runs nightly to Saturday at 7.30pm with a special Saturday matinee at 4pm.

Ticket details from (01253) 200737 or on the door.