Theatre Review: Fame Jnr - Lowther Pavilion, Lytham

Cast of Fame at Clifton Academy.
Cast of Fame at Clifton Academy.
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Dancing, acting and singing simultaneously is difficult, so it is much to the credit of the young cast from the Clifton Academy that they produced such a confident and slick version of the 1980s hit musical.

Mersadeze Gee was ideal as the feisty Carmen, delivering her lines with a snap and singing excellently.

Opposite her the tuneful Joe McLafferty showed the value of pausing in his speech to convey the sensitive nature of Schlomo.

Playing the adults in Fame is a challenge for a teenage cast, but Lucy Smith and Lesley Purcell were first-class as the passionate Miss Bell and the strait-laced Miss Sherman.

Despite the power of the company numbers there’s a shortage of individual dances or distinctive styles – no tap or tango , for example – so it was a sudden and welcome spectacle to see a graceful and forceful pas de deux from Georgia Askey and Adam Peet-Harrison.

Harry McLafferty and Grace Robson were wonderfully and comically over-the top. Graeme Smith, Thomas Griffiths, Owen Broughton and Olivia Smith lent strong support, with much promise from the lively Skye Ruman and Callum Mann.

A very young cast meant that there was not much emotional development of the characters as they moved up to graduate from their performing arts school, but the catchiness and beat of the title song swept all before it in a fine finale. Director Joe Appleton and his sister Sarah as choreographer deserve congratulations.