Theatre Review: Blackpool and Fylde Light Opera Company - Grand Theatre, Blackpool

Blackpool and Fylde Light Opera Company
Blackpool and Fylde Light Opera Company
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The Blackpool and Fylde Light Opera Company has taken on a major challenge in their 63rd year with a stage version of a story made familiar by the hit 1965 film.

The success of this musical centres round the casting of the children and here the seven von Trapp youngsters steal the show.

They are exuberant, cute, comical, sensitive and affectionate in appropriate turn.

Led by an accomplished Amy Tickle as Liesl they are spot on throughout and, in combination with Sarah McFadyen, a tuneful and feisty Maria, are simply irresistible, particularly in Do Re Mi, The Lonely Goatherd and So Long, Farewell.

The sizeable audience on the opening night appreciated the fine tenor singing and excellent acting as Derek Winward as he unwinds movingly from stiff Naval Captain and widower to loving father and new husband.

The writing however is uneven with some slow dialogue and the expanses of the Grand’s stage made it difficult to believe we were in the Austrian mountains. But, the company has clearly worked hard and the sheer vitality of the children carries the day.

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