Theatre-goers invited to ‘try before they buy’

With Cruel Times In Between, by Theatre Newfoundland Labrador
With Cruel Times In Between, by Theatre Newfoundland Labrador
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A personal invite has been sent out to theatre patrons to take a chance on a ‘new-found’ play next month.

Roger McCann, manager of Lowther Pavilion, is challenging locals to ‘try before you buy’ when Canadian company Theatre Newfoundland Labrador head to Lytham.

With support from Lancashire’s touring theatre scheme Spot On, the Lowther is giving people a chance to see the play With Cruel Times In Between and ‘pay what it’s worth’.

Roger said: “Once in a while you come across a company whose work just blows you away.

“That happened to me at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival a few years ago when I first came across Theatre Newfoundland Labrador.

“So when I was given the opportunity by Spot On to book them for the Lowther, I jumped at the chance.

“And I believe in this company so strongly that I’m inviting you to come and see them and then pay whatever you think they’re worth.

“There’s no charge for the ticket; just pay what you think they’re worth at the end of the evening.”

He described With Cruel Times In Between as ‘a delightful portrait of Newfoundland at the turn of the 20th Century’ by native author Al Pittman, adding: “It’s a story of pioneering lives and strong communities overcoming hardship in a world dominated by the weather and landscape.”

And Roger drew stark comparison between the Fylde and Newfoundland Labrador: “We think of Fylde as a rural area,” he said. “Compare our population density of 460 people per square kilometre with that of Newfoundland Labrador of just 1.38.

“That’s right – less than two people per square kilometre; Isolation like that creates a remarkable community and this company magically brings that community to life.

“Give it a go. I’m sure that, like me, you’ll be swept away. And remember, the risk is all mine.”

Tickets for the production on Monday, April 27, 7.30pm, are only available from the box office on (01253) 794221.