The pub landlord is back

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BRITAIN’S most famous pub landlord clearly can’t stay away from Blackpool – Al Murray is returning, just a few months after his last visit.

Murray has announced a stand-up show at the 2,800-seater Opera House on Thursday July 4. He’ll be pretty familiar with the venue – he played to a packed crowd there in November.

Murray is in the midst of a mammoth tour, playing theatres up and down the country.

His show is called The Only Way Is Epic and has received rave reviews.

The 44-year-old came up with his pub landlord character in the 90s and broke into the mainstream when he won the Perrier Award at the Edinburgh Festival in 1999.

The landlord is a stereotypical, right-wing, British patriot advocating a dislike for anything “un-British”.

He effuses a particular animosity towards Germans and the French – he will challenge the audience to name any country in the world before producing some plausible instance of Britain bettering it.

“He is a dribbling, self-contradictory idiot who always manages to tie himself in knots,” explained Murray. “I know him so well that I know what he thinks about any subject.”

Murray is well known for his relentless touring and he claims it’s because he loves nothing more than standing in front of an audience.

“I never think, ‘God, how can I fill the show?’ That’s never a problem.

“If I ever got stuck and had to resort to greatest hits, I would stop performing live but there are no signs of that happening,” he said.

“What I love is that it’s different every night.

“I want the audience to feel that tonight’s the night, and unlike any other show.

“They know that they are getting 100 per cent effort from me, rather than feeling that it’s just another routine evening.

“In a way I’m hugely envious of comedians who have the patience to do the same stuff every night.

“But God knows how they do it – I’d go crazy. It means much more to make every show unique. That’s what an audience brings to it.”

You can catch Murray’s Pub Landlord at the Opera House on Thursday, July 4, 7.30pm start.

Tickets are £25.50 and available online from or you can call the box office on 0844 8561111.