SHOWZAM! review: Circus Hilarious - Opera House, Blackpool

Circus Hilarious - Danny Adams makes his entrance.
Circus Hilarious - Danny Adams makes his entrance.
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“I WENT to puppet school. It wasn’t easy to get in but I pulled some strings.”

And that should give you an idea of what this two-hour show was like.

A barrel-load of corny gags, plenty of juggling, dancing and tricks, and lots of custard pies being thrown in the faces of various folk (including some unsuspecting members of the audience).

In other words it was exactly what any circus should be and it was great.

I write that without irony. I’m the wrong side of 35, I didn’t have any kids with me, and yet I still enjoyed it.

As for the children – who made up about three-quarters of the audience – they absolutely lapped it up.

Most of the jokes hit the mark and there was more than enough in the script to make the mums and dads in the crowd smile too.

The highlights were a Punch and Judy show with a twist and a Teletubbies sketch that ended in a mass custard pie fight that wouldn’t have looked out of place in a 1920s Hal Roach production.

All rollicking good fun, exactly what is required from a show staged on an afternoon in the half term holidays and perfectly in keeping with Blackpool’s 10-day Showzam! Festival.

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