REVIEW: Return To The Forbidden Planet Grand Theatre, Blackpool

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They might’ve been singing about Good Vibrations – a harmonic highlight, but the crew on board the spaceship Albatross sent their audience home with ‘great’ vibrations.

Forbidden Planet is a musical with its tongue planted firmly in cheek, its B-movie naffness is absolutely intended – but do not let this put you off as it’s a romp of a show.

Borrowing a rough plot from Shakespeare’s The Tempest, with a sci-fi setting and a rock n roll soundtrack, there’s something to appeal to everyone.

As ever with actor-musician productions, the cast is fantastically talented, chopping and changing seamlessly from the fabled dialogue, to wielding guitars and brass, to some comical choreography.

The only blot on the space-scape was the use of handheld microphones. Yes, it gave a rock concert feel, and was drilled to perfection, but it distracted.

But this is an ensemble piece, each character was brilliantly drawn in comic book colours.

And as they sing in the show: Go now.

Anna Cryer