REVIEW: Milton Jones and the Temple of Daft Grand Theatre Blackpool

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British manufacturing isn’t what it was... but there’s still some things old Blighty can churn out - like luxury cars, chocolate biscuits and the comedy of the absurd.

Milton Jones (pictured) is the latest in a long line, from Spike Milligan through Monty Python and beyond.

His stand up show, played to an appreciative but suspiciously ‘merry’ audience is a worthwhile exercise in pointlessness.

“You’ll remember none of this tomorrow,” the wild haired comic exclaims and, you know, he’s almost right.

The constant string of zany yet immaculately observed one-liners - held together in a purposefully ham-fisted storyline - is mind boggling but thankfully more hit than miss.

Yet, this is more than just a flick through the pages of a walking joke book.

Jones’ preamble features an enjoyable satire on the politics of union - expressed through the waving of flags - and his show-closing joke auction delves into the dark mind of a Sunday seaside crowd.

Support act Chris Stokes is affable enough but it’s Jones who proves that along with dark chocolate Hob Nobs, professional silliness is one of Britain’s true gifts.

Rob Stocks