REVIEW: Michael McIntyre, Grand Theatre, Blackpool

Michael McIntyre.
Michael McIntyre.
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Comedy is generally best served fresh - so although Michael McIntyre’s shows here in Blackpool were about testing out new material, there was no danger the performances would be short on laughs.

And certainly a capacity crowd at his Wednesday gig in the resort were chortling from start to finish.

McIntyre was showcasing his latest jokes over two nights at The Grand ahead of his Happy and Glorious arena tour later this year.

His fans can rest assured he has lost none of his talent for spotting the idiosyncrasies of everyday life and turning them into hilarious episodes everyone in his audience can relate to.

So after a five-hour drive to Blackpool, the horrors of motorway service stations was one topic which got the full treatment!

Brits on holiday, a move to the country and his personal battle with weight loss also proved a rich source of material.

One of my personal favourites was a gag about a revolving door - you wouldn’t think something so straightforward could be so funny - but McIntyre’s trademark delivery can make the most ordinary action hilarious.