REVIEW: KEN DODD Grand Theatre

Ken Dodd
Ken Dodd
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It’s not often you arrive at the Grand and a sign on the box office saying the only seats available are in the balcony.

It can only mean one thing – icon and comedy legend Ken Dodd is appearing.

Ken is now 85 years young and if I could find out what it is that keeps him going for five hours I would buy a gallon of it. On stage at 7pm, banging the big drum of Knotty Ash and singing Happiness, it was 12.20am when he finished singing the same song to a standing ovation.

Lots of his material featured the old favourites (The Lord Mayor, Dickie Mint) but there was plenty of new material too, which had the audience in stitches.

There was also the usual pleasant voice of Anne Jones and a very good support act, Andante, who played a variety of instruments.

When we walked out with smiles on our faces, we got a taxi driver with a smile on his face too, calling Ken Dodd the taxi-man’s friend because by the time he had finished the car parks were shut, the trams and buses had finished, so the only way to get home was by taxi. Thanks for a great night, Ken.