Review: Jenny Eclair - Lowther Pavilion, Lytham

Jenny Eclair at the Lowther Pavillion, Lytham.
Jenny Eclair at the Lowther Pavillion, Lytham.
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IN a successful and distinguished 30 year career as a stand up comedian, broadcaster and writer Jenny Eclair has been there and done that – with the exception of a gig in her home town of Lytham.

Right from the off Jenny was able to show a sizeable and supportive audience that she possesses in spades the four essentials of every top comedian.

She has a winning personality, consistently witty material, excellent delivery and spot-on timing.

Many may have been surprised too by the strength of the physical comedy in the show, as a raised eyebrow, a cock of the head or a manic strut enhanced the fluency of her patter.

Wisely, as a 52-year-old, she aimed the humour directly at the host of 52 year olds in the audience, many of them female, those who had reached “the cardy time of life”.

There was no doubt that she was enjoying herself back in Lytham, cleverly using local references and affectionate anecdotes about her family as the backdrop to much of her sharply observed material.

Sex and the human body, with all its imperfections and functions, were top of the list, and middle, and bottom, all intimately examined in a still slightly punky manner.

Only the colourful language, which increased noticeably in the second half, seemed somewhat unnecessary.

This was a relentless and impressive performance in every way from a Lytham girl who would be hilarious anywhere in the world.

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