REVIEW: Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom - The Grand, Blackpool

Ben and Holly's Little Kingdon is at the Grand Theatre
Ben and Holly's Little Kingdon is at the Grand Theatre
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Imagine hundreds of children shouting “he’s behind you!” and you’ve pretty much got the atmosphere created by popular characters Ben and Holly.

The theatre was filled with excitement as tiny tots watched their favourite animated tv programme come to life before their eyes.

Ben (an elf) and Holly (a fairy princess) kicked the production off in panto-style with a hide and seek game.

And the bright-eyed young audience loved revealing the secret hiding places as they screamed at the top of their voices. It wasn’t long before Ben and Holly were up to their usual mischief with Gaston the ladybird, creating magic spells involving slug slime and frog burps.

The show was perfectly spilt into two 30-minute acts – just long enough to stop the youngest audience members from getting restless.

There was plenty of learning along the way as the children helped Ben and Holly count to 10 and enjoyed a sing-a-long along. But for the adults, the best part was hearing the children’s laughter fill the theatre.

Julia Bennett