REVIEW: Bananas in Pyjamas - Blackpool Grand Theatre

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Who would have thought two bananas dressed in blue and white striped pyjamas could be so entertaining?

Heading to The Grand to watch children’s show Bananas in Pyjamas, I wondered how a theatre full of young tots could cope with watching teddy bears being chased by yellow fruit for an hour and a half.

Never mind the effect it could have on parents’ endeavours to nurture their children’s love of fruit.

Given the age of the target audience (and the risk they may be traumatised by seeing cute, fluffy teddy bears being ‘caught unawares’ by giant bananas), the plot of the show is only loosely based around the well known play school song.

Instead, it follows a similar format to the popular tv programme shown on Channel 5’s Milkshake.

The main characters B1 and B2 (the bananas) host a birthday party with their teddy bear friends Morgan, Lulu and Amy in Cuddlestown.

The preparations are in full flow until... there is a banana emergency!

When guest of honour Fluffy Bunny goes missing, the children are tasked with helping the banana detectives solve the case.

With plenty of songs to sing and dance along to, it wasn’t long before the giddy younger members of the audience were up off their seats.

Sprinklings of slapstick comedy and the bananas’ catchphrases – bananarama and pyjamatastic – had the children rolling around in laughter.

Even the adults took part in the odd Mexican wave.

And to my relief, no teddy bears were harmed at any stage in the production.